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Sustainable Development

"Penguins and people unite to save Earth and humans"

Sustainable Development / environmental News

Friends of the Earth demands to the Spanish government a law of climate change for the country again, that allows to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases

Amigos de la Tierra - With this new action called Save the humans! , Friends of the Earth requires the Government a law on climate change for Spain. Through a "rain artistic postcards" claim to represent the majority citizen's support to a law that allows to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. And penguins do join in this action too...

Imagen de la campaña de Amigos de la Tierra SOS Clima

Euro MPs "lost opportunity" to impose a moratorium on fracking

Sustainable Development / environmental News

Amigos de la Tierra - This Wednesday, November 21, the European Parliament was positioned to the findings of two self-reports that assess the impact of the mining technique of hydraulic fracturing, known by the English term fracking, used to extract gas mainly shale. MEPs rejected an amendment tabled by the Greens parliamentary group to establish a moratorium on this mining technique

Extracción minera a través de fractura hidráulica (fracking)

FAO Cereal Price Index

Agribusiness / Food Prices Monitor

The world indicator of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization stood at 125.9 points during the month of July

The FAO Cereal Price Index of the month of July reached the 125.9 points, which meant a decline of -0.55% in relation to previous mensual index of June, that was 126.6 points (-0.7 pts), and is placed a -7.34% under the annual average of 135.87 points recorded to date (-9.97 pts).

July 2023

125.9 pts

Cosechadora de grano

Analyzed in a workshop profitability and biodiversity of dehesas

Sustainable Development / Rural Development

Concluded the training and awareness actions of program "Business and Biodiversity" organized by Global Nature Fund

Fundación Global Nature

With the workshop "Dehesas and Biodiversity" held in Extremadura, that has been assisted by some twenty workers and owners of dehesas in Extremadura, conclude the training and awareness actions of the Global Nature Fund developed in the "Business and Biodiversity " project, within the framework of the program Empleaverde


Spain throws away more than 15 million tons per year of natural resources

Sustainable Development / environmental News

Amigos de la Tierra - In the European Week of Waste Reduction, Friends of the Earth Spain calls to the need to end the overconsumption and waste of natural resources. About the data of 2% reduction in the amount of waste generated in 2011 compared to 2010, FoE it "celebrates" although with reservations, because this occurs caused by the brutal economic crisis and declining consumption

Vertedero de resíduos sólidos

Friends of the Earth reveals what is behind the "corporate social responsibility"

Sustainable Development / Rural Development

Finish the tour of Friends of the Earth International (from 13 to 19 November) by several Central American countries (Guatemala and El Salvador)

Amigos de la Tierra - This Monday, November 19, Friends of the Earth ended his international tour through Guatemala and El Salvador. Participants from 12 countries have visited macro mining and damming of large multinationals in Central America, confirming that the neologism "corporate social responsibility" fails to hide neither the plundering of natural resources nor the violation of human rights

Mina de oro Marlin, en San Miguel Itxahuacán (Guatemala)