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Hundreds of women dayworkers march to Seville to claim removal of min days to receive subsidy

Boletín Agrario - The Andalusian Workers Union organized a "march of women for dignity", which starts on Tuesday November 27 from the Seville town of El Coronil and ending in the Andalusian capital on Thursday 29th. Among the demands that women of SAT require is the elimination of the minimum requirement of the 35 days worked necessary to collect farm subsidy

Hundreds of women dayworkers march to Seville to claim removal of min days to receive subsidy

Young Farmers of COAG elects its new state coordinator

COAG - The farmer Aragonese Toño Romé has been elected State Coordinator of the Young Farmers of COAG, during the General Assembly of this area of the agricultural organization held yesterday Thursday, November 22, in Madrid. Romé, 28 years old, dedicates to the production of cereals and fodder in Zuera (Zaragoza) since five years ago. He takes over from young cattleman Salvador Roncero, from Zamora.

Young Farmers of COAG elects its new state coordinator

Thousands of farmers took to the streets all over Spain on November 22 called by UPA

UPA - Thousands of farmers and stockbreeders convened by agrarian organization UPA moved this Thursday, November 22, in Spain to demand "a European Union budget fair, adequate to the importance of our work." From the organization regret that the reform of the CAP is "totally alien" to the interests of Spain, denouncing the "brutal" budget cuts

Thousands of farmers took to the streets all over Spain on November 22 called by UPA

Van Rompuy presents a new compromise proposal in the negotiation of European budgets

Boletin Agrario - After the different meetings held during the first day of the Extraordinary Council of Heads of State of the European Union which takes place in Brussels, Commission President Herman Van Rompuy has unveiled a new budget plan that increases agricultural aid by 7,700 million euros and territorial cohesion funds at 11,000 million euros.

Criticized the increase of court fees in Spain as "another blow to the family economy"

La Unió de Llauradors - The Unió de Llauradors i Ramaders notes that the rate hike that includes judicial reform Spanish Justice Minister Alberto Ruiz Gallardón "will cause farmers affected by defaults desist from seeking justice." Consider the strong increases in various fees as "another blow to the family economy of farmers and ranchers Valencians"

The Unió de Pagesos values as "unfair" cuts in the CAP budget proposed by Van Rompuy

Unió de Pagesos - The farmers union Catalan sees "clearly unfair" cuts in European agricultural funds proposed by Herman Van Rompuy that they value, "would be added to those already mentioned by the European Commission's proposal for CAP reform." UdP regrets that the proposal of the President of the European Council "means a reduction to 2011 level prices for European funds in direct payments and CMO"

UCCL requires to Mariano Rajoy the utmost firmness in the defense of CAP budget

UCCL - The United Farm Workers of Castile and Leon (UCCL) requires to Mariano Rajoy the utmost firmness in the defense of CAP budget "if he do not want see hundreds of farms in Castile and Leon disappear". This organization view with tremendous concern "that farmers and ranchers are, again, a bargaining chip in negotiating EU budgets"

Spain would lose 16% of agricultural funds to the proposed Van Rompuy and 11% with the EC

COAG - According to data analyzed by the technical services of COAG on the basis of the official EU proposals for financial programming 2014-2020, Spain could lose 16% of the agricultural according the Van Rompuy's proposal, while with European Commission proposal the cut would be 11%. Under the worst scenario trading Spain would receive 1.139 million less per year

IFOAM-SEAE: "Do not cut the EU budget at the expense of the sustainability of agriculture"

SEAE - "The compromise proposal of Van Rompuy to the EU budget 2014-2020 dramatically cuts rural development and environmental services and does not address key challenges". That is the valoration of ""the Spanish Society of Organic Agriculture about latest proposal to reduce the EU budget for 2014-2020 PAC that will be debated this week in Brussels

Lack of agreement in the EU on rules to enforce principles of good practice along Food Chain

Copa-Cogeca - Copa-Cogeca expresses its disappointment about the lack of an agreement between EU stakeholders - from farmers, agri-cooperatives, traders, food industry, to retailers - on implementation and enforcement of a code of good practice along the food supply chain. "An agreement would have helped in combating unfair and abusive practices in the food chain", they lament

Spanish unions demand a meeting to address the loss of jobs in agriculture by inclement weather

CCOO / UGT - FITAG UGT and FEAGRA-CCOO unions ask the Spanish Minister of Employment and Social Security, Fátima Báñez, an emergency meeting to address the serious problem of lost wages as a result of inclement weather. The severe drought and extremely serious wildfires, as well as episodes of torrential rain, frost and hail also caused heavy losses in agricultural employment.

ASAJA calls out to the Spanish government "absolute firmness" in defense of the CAP budget

ASAJA - ASAJA considers that Spain should reject clearly "the claims of the Cypriot presidency and Van Rompuy to laminate the European agricultural budget" in the next Summit of Heads of State from 22 and November 23. In that case Spain would line up with France, recalls ASAJA, which has already been shown frontally against the proposed tax cut of the community budget

Agreement in the EU about the new POSEI will allow grant an additional aid to the banana

MAGRAMA - The European Parliament, the Commission and the Council of the EU reached this Wednesday, November 14, an agreement on the new regime of the POSEI that contemplates a supplementary aid to the budget of 40 million euros over the banana sector, of which the Canary Islands will receive around 20.24 million euros for the production, highlight from the MAGRAMA.

Development of biomass sector would be a "catalyst" for the creation of rural employment in Spain

FITAG / UGT - "The development of forest biomass sector would be an engine of employment and contribute to the cleaning of mountains and forests," said the Federation of Industry and Agricultural Workers of the spaniard UGT union . An activity that apart from his undoubted environmental value, could be a real catalyst for job creation in rural areas of Spain and other mediterranean countries.

UPA calls to mobilization of rural next November 22 for the future of CAP

UPA - Thousands of farmers will be mobilized on 22 November in Spain, convened by the agrarian organization UPA, to protest against what they see as "dismantling of the rural world as we know it." On 22 and 23 November are critical days for the future of the Common Agricultural Policy, "which is more than 30% of total agricultural income in Spain," says UPA