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The Unió de Pagesos values as "unfair" cuts in the CAP budget proposed by Van Rompuy

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Unió de Pagesos - The farmers union Catalan sees "clearly unfair" cuts in European agricultural funds proposed by Herman Van Rompuy that they value, "would be added to those already mentioned by the European Commission's proposal for CAP reform." UdP regrets that the proposal of the President of the European Council "means a reduction to 2011 level prices for European funds in direct payments and CMO"

REDER considers inadmissible clipping by 17% budget of the CAP proposed by Van Rompuy

Sustainable Development / Rural Development

REDER - The Estatal Network of Rural Development from Spain considers the measure proposed by the current president of the European Council as "nonsense come from the northern states of Europe, that expect the Mediterranean countries will be limited to offer sun and sand to holidaymakers." REDER also notes that Andalucía, Castilla-La Mancha and Galicia could lose their status as territories of convergence

Lack of agreement in the EU on rules to enforce principles of good practice along Food Chain

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Copa-Cogeca - Copa-Cogeca expresses its disappointment about the lack of an agreement between EU stakeholders - from farmers, agri-cooperatives, traders, food industry, to retailers - on implementation and enforcement of a code of good practice along the food supply chain. "An agreement would have helped in combating unfair and abusive practices in the food chain", they lament

UPA calls to mobilization of rural next November 22 for the future of CAP

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UPA - Thousands of farmers will be mobilized on 22 November in Spain, convened by the agrarian organization UPA, to protest against what they see as "dismantling of the rural world as we know it." On 22 and 23 November are critical days for the future of the Common Agricultural Policy, "which is more than 30% of total agricultural income in Spain," says UPA