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Spain throws away more than 15 million tons per year of natural resources

Sustainable Development / environmental News

Amigos de la Tierra - In the European Week of Waste Reduction, Friends of the Earth Spain calls to the need to end the overconsumption and waste of natural resources. About the data of 2% reduction in the amount of waste generated in 2011 compared to 2010, FoE it "celebrates" although with reservations, because this occurs caused by the brutal economic crisis and declining consumption

Friends of the Earth reveals what is behind the "corporate social responsibility"

Sustainable Development / Rural Development

Amigos de la Tierra - This Monday, November 19, Friends of the Earth ended his international tour through Guatemala and El Salvador. Participants from 12 countries have visited macro mining and damming of large multinationals in Central America, confirming that the neologism "corporate social responsibility" fails to hide neither the plundering of natural resources nor the violation of human rights