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Cover crops, towards a sustainable agriculture

I+D / I+D

UPM - Researchers at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) have demonstrated that replacing the traditional fallow with cover crops can reduce nitrate pollution without increasing the salinity or reducing yield.

COAG presents at Brussels the online sales platform of its project "ARCo"

Agribusiness / Food Markets

COAG - The Coordinator of Organizations of Farmers and Cattlemen from Spain (known by its Spanish acronym COAG ) presents this monday November 19 in Brussels its online sales platform, , as part of the annual conference on innovation and sustainable agriculture organized by the European Commission. This website was born this past June with the participation of 540 farmers

Spanish unions demand a meeting to address the loss of jobs in agriculture by inclement weather

agro / Trabajo

CCOO / UGT - FITAG UGT and FEAGRA-CCOO unions ask the Spanish Minister of Employment and Social Security, Fátima Báñez, an emergency meeting to address the serious problem of lost wages as a result of inclement weather. The severe drought and extremely serious wildfires, as well as episodes of torrential rain, frost and hail also caused heavy losses in agricultural employment.

The Valencian rabbit sector denounces a "boycott" by some commercial distribution chains

Agriculture / News on Livestock

Varias Organizaciones - Through this joint statement, the rabbit breeders of the Valencian Community in Spain, grouped in AVA, UPA, LA UNIÓ and FECUVA, request the immediate intervention by the Departments of Agriculture and of Trade to curb on an urgent basis to which they describe as "aggressive business practices that are carrying the sector to the brink of collapse"

UPA calls to mobilization of rural next November 22 for the future of CAP

agro / Agropolítica

UPA - Thousands of farmers will be mobilized on 22 November in Spain, convened by the agrarian organization UPA, to protest against what they see as "dismantling of the rural world as we know it." On 22 and 23 November are critical days for the future of the Common Agricultural Policy, "which is more than 30% of total agricultural income in Spain," says UPA

Spanish researchers converted the alperujo of the olive oil in "ally of the environment"

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Boletín Agrario - Members of the spanish Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) in Seville have developed a material from alpeorujo that can be used as an insulator to prevent that the pesticides and phytosanitary waste reach the subsoil and contaminating the groundwater aquifers. One more use for this residue of the oil industry as abundant as a contaminant and difficult to manage