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IMPRO Project: health management in organic dairy cattle farms

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IRTA - This Friday, November 23 is celebrated in Lugo the first seminar of project IMPRO, an initiative of the 7th European Framework Programme, FP7, which aims to strengthen the weaknesses of principal health management strategies that are used on organic farms of dairy cattle. The event coincides with the Technical Conference on Organic Production in IBADER headquarters (23 and 24 November)

UPA calls to mobilization of rural next November 22 for the future of CAP

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UPA - Thousands of farmers will be mobilized on 22 November in Spain, convened by the agrarian organization UPA, to protest against what they see as "dismantling of the rural world as we know it." On 22 and 23 November are critical days for the future of the Common Agricultural Policy, "which is more than 30% of total agricultural income in Spain," says UPA