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The UV-absorbing net is an ally against pests

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UPM - Spanish researchers have found that a reduction in the amount of UV light in the environment can reduce the propagation and aphid population density what involves an overuse decline of pesticides. The use of UV-absorbing covers can reduce the incidence of the potato aphid, M. euphorbiae, on lettuce plants.

Spanish researchers converted the alperujo of the olive oil in "ally of the environment"

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Boletín Agrario - Members of the spanish Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) in Seville have developed a material from alpeorujo that can be used as an insulator to prevent that the pesticides and phytosanitary waste reach the subsoil and contaminating the groundwater aquifers. One more use for this residue of the oil industry as abundant as a contaminant and difficult to manage