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Cover crops, towards a sustainable agriculture

Researchers of the UPM have developed diverse essays by using different types of cover crops during six consecutive years

UPM - Researchers at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) have demonstrated that replacing the traditional fallow with cover crops can reduce nitrate pollution without increasing the salinity or reducing yield.

Introducción de cultivos cubierta para reemplazar el barbecho en sistemas de regadío

Following classical swine fever


The research trajectory of the CReSA in classical swine fever during the last 4 years has resulted in new insights in the protective response against the virus, and in the viral evolution in endemics areas. This information is the great interest for the development of new diagnostic techniques and new vaccines. These studies have resulted in the publication of six articles in prestigious internati

Spanish researchers converted the alperujo of the olive oil in "ally of the environment"

Boletín Agrario

Members of the spanish Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) in Seville have developed a material from alpeorujo that can be used as an insulator to prevent that the pesticides and phytosanitary waste reach the subsoil and contaminating the groundwater aquifers. One more use for this residue of the oil industry as abundant as a contaminant and difficult to manage

The AREFLH decides to create a European Innovation Partnership in fruits and vegetables

Boletín Agrario

The commission on research and innovation of the Assembly of European Regions producing fruit, vegetables and plants has decided to create a European Innovation Partnership (EIP). The project, which will be coordinated by the own AREFLH and by the European Association of fresh products, is oriented to the eighth EC framework program 2014-2020 research and innovation, Horizon 2020

Beneficial Mold Packaged in Bioplastic

Jan Suszkiw / ARS

Aflatoxins are highly toxic carcinogens produced by several species of Aspergillus fungi. But not all Aspergillus produce aflatoxin. Some, in fact, are considered beneficial. One such strain, dubbed K49, is now being recruited to battle these harmful Aspergillus relatives, preventing them from contaminating host crops like corn with the carcinogen.

No-Till Farming Helps Capture Snow and Soil Water

ARS / Ann Perry

Wheat stubble left standing by no-till management helps generate a smoother snow cover, which boosts dryland crop productivity in the summer, according to new ARS research. For two years, snow depths, density and soil water storage were measured manually at hundreds of points across the fields on two farms.