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Cover crops, towards a sustainable agriculture

21-11-2012 UPMResearchers at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) have demonstrated that replacing the traditional fallow with cover crops can reduce nitrate pollution without increasing the salinity or reducing yield.


Mites are "a perfect ally" in controlling pests of thrips in citrus crops

19-11-2012 IAM-UPVA study coordinated by researchers from the Institute of Mediterranean Agroforestry, Polytechnic University of Valencia, in collaboration with the University of Navarra and the Belgian company Biobest Belgium NV has found that soil predatory mites are a perfect partner to cope with the plague of thrips in citrus caused by Pezothrips kellyanus, a tiny insect that affects the skin of the fruit.


The UV-absorbing net is an ally against pests

12-11-2012 UPMSpanish researchers have found that a reduction in the amount of UV light in the environment can reduce the propagation and aphid population density what involves an overuse decline of pesticides. The use of UV-absorbing covers can reduce the incidence of the potato aphid, M. euphorbiae, on lettuce plants.


Following classical swine fever

30-10-2012 IRTAThe research trajectory of the CReSA in classical swine fever during the last 4 years has resulted in new insights in the protective response against the virus, and in the viral evolution in endemics areas. This information is the great interest for the development of new diagnostic techniques and new vaccines. These studies have resulted in the publication of six articles in prestigious internati