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FAO indices
World Prices

121.5 pts

The FAO Food Price Index of the month of September 2023 reached the 121.5 points, which meant a decline of -0.08% in relation to previous mensual index of August, that was 121.6 points (-0.1 pts), and was placed a -2.41% under the annual average of 124.5 points recorded (-3 pts).

The highest monthly value achieved throughout the year of 130.2 points was 7.16% higgher than the selected month (+8.7 pts), while the lowest value during the period was 120.4, that is 0.91% lower than the 121.5 points of September 2023 (-1.1 pts).

In relation to the values of the previous year, in September 2023 there was a year-on-year decline of -10.66%, 14.5 points under the 136 pts reached in the same month of 2022.

Evolutions of September 2023
Annual average

124.5 pts

  -3 pts (-2.47%)
Previous month

121.6 pts

  -0.1 pts (-0.08%)

120.4 pts

  1.1 pts (+0.91%)
September 2022

136 pts

  -14.5 pts (-11.93%)
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