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23-11-2012 Amigos de la Tierra

"Penguins and people unite to save Earth and humans"

With this new action called Save the humans! , Friends of the Earth requires the Government a law on climate change for Spain. Through a "rain artistic postcards" claim to represent the majority citizen's support to a law that allows to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. And penguins do join in this action too...


22-11-2012 Amigos de la Tierra

Euro MPs "lost opportunity" to impose a moratorium on fracking

This Wednesday, November 21, the European Parliament was positioned to the findings of two self-reports that assess the impact of the mining technique of hydraulic fracturing, known by the English term fracking, used to extract gas mainly shale. MEPs rejected an amendment tabled by the Greens parliamentary group to establish a moratorium on this mining technique


21-11-2012 Amigos de la Tierra

Spain throws away more than 15 million tons per year of natural resources

In the European Week of Waste Reduction, Friends of the Earth Spain calls to the need to end the overconsumption and waste of natural resources. About the data of 2% reduction in the amount of waste generated in 2011 compared to 2010, FoE it "celebrates" although with reservations, because this occurs caused by the brutal economic crisis and declining consumption


21-11-2012 CSIC

An international study proposes a method to predict environmental collapses

Researchers from the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) have participated in an international project to develop a mathematical model able to predict environmental collapses. The model, that has been applied to a real situation of environmental collapse, could also be used in other areas such as fisheries, farming and social systems


19-11-2012 Banco Mundial

New report of the World Bank examines risks of 4 degree hotter world by end of century

The world is barreling down a path to heat up by 4 ºC at the end of the century if the global community fails to act on climate change, triggering a cascade of cataclysmic changes that include extreme heat-waves, declining global food stocks and a sea-level rise affecting hundreds of millions of people, according to a new scientific report released today that was commissioned by the World Bank